The Book Series

The Making of an Apostle, Volume 1, The Making of an Apostle, Volume 1, "A Seedling"
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This first book in the series provides a glimpse into a lifestyle that many could consider a profound walk of faith. It captures real life choices and challenges as Apostle Sharon Loving Ruff receives a Rhema word from the Almighty God that He had hidden within her a "seed" that had been passed down from generations upon generations which was now being brought forth for His divine purposes. Without a job or money, He then sends her to the Republic of Liberia, West Africa and the Federal Republic of Nigeria on a one-way airline ticket after audibly pronouncing one of the reasons why she survived extreme emotional abuses, sexual and physical violations, depression and suicidal attempts, and is yet sound alive, "I saved your seed from slavery and raised you up. I am sending you to be a blessing to your people."
Volume 1, "A Seedling," then explodes into a treasure chest of discoveries, astounding revelations, and awesome adventures as Apostle Sharon arrives in Liberia on the date she was divinely given, December 24, 1989. When the airplane door opened, Apostle Sharon and the other passengers discovered they had arrived in Liberia on the first day of this country's civil war. Her journey for the next two months is amazing as she connects to her ancestral roots in the Kpell� tribe of Liberia. This book is absolutely full of excitement, mysteries, emotional extremes, perplexing encounters, intense spiritual warfare, and of course, amazing experiences with the Almighty God, including the unyielding of two profound prophetic messages: one for the Republic of Liberia and the other for the United States of America. No matter the gender, age, or religious affiliation, reading this book will provide the reader with Truths that answer many of life's perplexing questions, and will offer to many a clear pathway to discover "Who am I?" and "Why am I here?"


The Making of an Apostle, Volume 2, The Making of an Apostle, Volume 2, "For People Like Me"
Soft Back: $17.99 US (ISBN 978-0-9849185-2-2)
eBook: $9.99 US (ISBN 978-0-9849185-5-3)

This second book is Apostle Sharon Loving Ruff's true life odyssey as her life evolves from the dungeons of shame, rejection and despair to the birthing of a profound new reality of wholeness and purpose to fulfill God's chosen destiny. This book gives insightful details on her journey when against all odds she survived being aborted by her mother, multiple sexual abuses before age five, suicidal attempts, rapes, teen pregnancy and being a high school dropout. These difficult obstacles to success, as well as, two failed marriages resulting in single parenting of two didn't prevent a forward movement pushing her towards her destiny by unknown, unseen miraculous workings of the Almighty God. After reaching adulthood, she achieved a General Education Diploma certificate, graduated from American University and reached pinnacles of success she thought never possible for someone like her. Then, by age 35, once again, her life was filled with depression and despair, and she decided to agree with the voices in her head to commit suicide.
At that very moment, her choice threatened the divine destiny God had chosen for her and instantly, she was propelled into an encounter with the Almighty God where she heard Him audibly speak, "I Am your Heavenly Father and everything will be alright."
From then on, her life took on new meaning and she was never the same. Volume 2, "For People Like Me," details many intimate, awesome experiences and supernatural encounters with the Almighty God which provoked change in her own life, as well as, in the lives of others. This book also provides amazing revelations that have been instrumental in unlocking mysteries to mental, emotional and spiritual torments. Armed with a wealth of knowledge and experience, she has helped bring a peaceful resolve to perplexing questions that people of various ethnic, gender, educational and social economic statuses have struggled to comprehend in our present world.


The Making of an Apostle, Volume 3, The Making of an Apostle, Volume 3, "Knowledge, Wisdom and Understanding"
Soft Back: $17.99 US (ISBN 978-0-9849185-3-9)
eBook: $9.99 US (ISBN 978-0-9849185-4-6)

Apostle Sharon Loving Ruff shares another captivating glimpse into her twenty-seven year journey as a God-sent servant. This book provides true stories which make transparent the heart of the Almighty God: divine compassion, grace, forgiveness, as well as, judgment. Each chapter chronicles a different scenario of God sending her forth into the life of ordinary people or groups in response to his or her prayers and unique needs. Armed with Rhema words from the mouth of God, Biblical revelation knowledge and spiritual giftings from her Apostolic calling, Apostle Sharon not only explains God's response, but also exposes and provides spiritual warfare strategies to defeat Satan's deceptive tactics which interfere or derail people's ability to reach their next level of development. Her service unto the Lord yields first-hand experience in trying to help individuals escape and/or avoid pitfalls and dangers which occur when one limits themselves to governance by carnal assumptions. It is not surprising that by unveiling mysteries of God, she shows how God's timing and manner of response to situations is often different than mankind anticipates.
Apostle Sharon's thought-provoking stories further delineate the far-reaching implications of God's words: written, visual or audible and variances in the human struggle to advance beyond carnality into the realm of unlimited divine possibilities. As you read Volume 3, "Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding," you will discover stories that both confirm and give greater revelation to Biblical Kingdom principles. Other stories will challenge previously held assumptions by many. Additionally, these Rhema writings will provide fresh manna from on-high for those seeking "greater truths/answers" to perplexing situations, "spiritual growth and maturity" and "strategies to develop intimacy with the Almighty God, our Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit." Enough said! Apostle Sharon now extends an invitation to you. Come journey with her and gleam from her years of supernatural Kingdom living and Holy servant-hood!



The Making of an Apostle, Volume 4, "My People Are Waiting for Me, Inside of You" 

Soft Back: $17.99 US (ISBN 978-0-9849185-7-7)
eBook: $9.99 US (ISBN 978-0-9849185-6-0)

The last book in this intriguing series is another must read for those who desire a closer walk with the Almighty God and those who will yield to experience a "oneness" with Him, His Son, Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit through having a holy tabernacle built within their spirits; His special meeting place for His purposes and His glory to be revealed. If this is for you, let the redeemed of the Lord come forth, blow the trumpet in Zion and feast from this divinely prepared table of spiritual food and strong meat. Even if you're not at this juncture, Apostle Sharon Loving Ruff invites you to accompany her on amazing supernatural adventures, as she submits to the call of God.

Through her thought-provoking perspectives and humble representation as one of "His apostles," this book offers captivating testimonies of her service to the Lord while being sent to mission fields within the United States and internationally: Korea, Canada and West Africa; His commissioning the birthing of Grace Tabernacle...A Way of Holiness ministries in Washington, D.C. and Oxon Hill, Maryland; and testimonies of years of sustained ministry to orphans, the Blind, and significantly impacting the lives of disadvantaged children, youth and adults through grants and financial support to the Salvation in Christ Orphanage and Humanitarian Refuge Home, and other child welfare homes in Liberia, West Africa, and through her Operation Blessing Projects.

Apostle Sharon unashamedly shares how the Blood of the Lamb (Jesus, the Christ), the audible and written Words of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit helped her overcome personal struggles, weaknesses and inner turmoil which often challenged her testimony of "Yes, Lord, I will go wherever You lead me and I will do your will;" bouts with spiritual warfare; gender prejudice; controlling spirits in ministry; attempts to hijack and redefine her God-ordained ministry; incurable diseases; and, many other obstacles to fulfilling God's call. Once again, the fruit of her obedience has yielded revelation knowledge, timeless truths, keys to operate in Kingdom authority, and priceless examples of "how to" run this Christian race. Also, discover troubling revelations about an occult and spiritualists in operation as you read chronicles of her journies.

Come! Learn how God abiding within this yielded vessel has released blessings, imparted spiritual gifts, ushered many into the next level of their divine purpose and destroyed satantic barriers and strongholds which interfered with the inheritance of divine promises. This can be your season of discover, spiritual advancement and/or opportunity to enter into the purpose for which you were born because His people are waiting for Him, inside of you too!

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